Seeing Eye Necklace with Turquoise Eye

Perfume Bottle Necklace with gold-filled chain holds your favorite essential oil.

Turquoise Tooth & Hand Earrings

Seeing Eye Necklace with Turquoise Eye



The meaning of the gemstone can be your guide to choose which stone fits your needs in this moment.

Or you can find a stone you feel pulled to and then reflect on its meaning.

Trust yourself to choose a stone for someone else based aesthetics or meaning.


Welcome. You made it. Nadiv Designs is here to serve you. Truly.

Everything has a vibrational frequency, including gemstones - we learned this in science class. :)


Those frequencies resonate with other frequencies- like emotions, feelings, and chakras (energy centers in the body), etc.

What you're searching for is searching for you, too.